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About us


We are a network of consultants and facilitators each associated with a leading business school and with decades of experience helping improve how people collaborate


We believe the ability to collaborate effectively is one of the most important, yet least developed capabilities in our increasingly connected world.


We work as partners with our clients, developing leaders, facilitating workshops and coaching executive teams to improve how they collaborate



Our open programme, Performance Beyond Boundaries invites senior leaders from around the world to develop their collaboration capabilities and return to their  organisations as role models 

Leadership Beyond Boundaries is an annual conversation for high potential leaders from across society to discuss how better collaboration can influence world events. Their experience together ultimately shapes who they are and how they lead


Our bespoke workshops bring together people from different teams, functions , business units and regions to develop strategies, make decisions, innovate and resolve the toughest challenges

Our customised programmes develop the attitude, skills and behaviours necessary for collaboration to become second nature in your organisation

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We coach teams that have cross functional responsibility, and whose collaboration is critical to delivering collective results. This includes boards, executive teams and project teams as well as recently integrated organisations. We work with commercial organisations, entrepreneurs, NGO's and charities - wherever better collaboration makes the difference to their results
We also consult with senior leaders to help them establish a culture of collaboration using tried and tested techniques that lead to lasting culture change. We use large group processes such as appreciative inquiry that demonstrate the power of collaboration in transforming organisational performance - permanently
The Collaboration Game is a table top and on line business simulation designed to improve how people work together in today’s increasingly complex organisations. In playing the game participants experience how their individual and collective success is either reinforced or undermined by the way in which they collaborate. They learn that in order to be successful in the game, and in their business, they must view the organisation from each other’s perspectives, understand the interdependencies, overcome the competing priorities, communicate across functions, collectively resolve issues and make “joined up” decisions 
The game can be combined with Human Insight's AEM and ACT Cube to assess people's ability to adapt and collaborate. The game has been played by over 10,000 participants from 250 companies and 30 countries